Blogging and Ghostwriting

Here is a sampling of articles and blog entries I’ve ghostwritten for my clients. There are many more, on a wide range of technology topics. Just ask, chances are I’ll have what you are looking for, either online or in PDF format.

Enterprise Software

ECM Company Named Most Promising IBM Solution Provider by CIOReview (ECM, CMS, corporate announcement)

The Force Awakens: What Are You Waiting For? (ECM, Whimsy)

Droids Talk: The Rise of the API in the Digital Economy (ECM, CMS, API, API Economy)

A New Hope: The Mesh Emerges (ECM, CMS, IoT, Digital Mesh)

The Force Awakens: ECM in the Hybrid Cloud (Content Management, Cloud)

Information Technology / Managed Services

The Spy Who Hacked Me? (IT Data Security, Intrusion Detection, Unified Security Management)

A New Medical Mesh Is Coming – And It’s Not What You Think (Healthcare IT, IoT, Digital Mesh)

If United Airlines Can’t Stay in the Air, How Will You? (IT Disaster Recovery)

5 Reasons You Should Fire Your Old PBX (Business Communications, Cloud)

Data Security in the Age of IoT: Are You Ready for This? (IT Data Security, IoT, Big Data)

What lurks in the shadow of IT – friend or foe? (Managing Shadow IT) 

What You Can Learn From Anthem’s Big “Strike Out” (IT Data Security)

How Neptune, Venus and Remus could reshape your IT strategy (IT Business Continuity)

Data Security: 5 Ways to Defeat the Enemy Within (Corporate Data Security)

Technology, Hospitality and the Customer Experience

Extending your biz solution by harnessing the power of APIs (Restaurants, Big Data and Business Intelligence)

Restaurateurs want more from tech than operational efficiency (Restaurants, Big Data and Business Intelligence)

Are we buying what’s on tap at self-serve bars? (Newest Trends, Beverages Industry)

It’s Fast. It’s Casual. It’s … PIZZA? (Newest Trends in Fast Casual Pizzerias)

How Technology Keeps Changing the Definition of Fast Casual (Restaurant Tech Trends)

Paper, Plastic or BYOB: How Do You Bag Your Customer Feedback? (Digital Customer Surveys)

The Doctor Will See You Now (IT Improves Patient CX)

Is It The “End Of The Line” For Amusement Parks? (IT Improves Guest CX)

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