Real IT experience that transforms your marketing message.

One of the biggest challenges you face in marketing technology products is complexity. Overly technical content can overwhelm your prospects. And when you work with a staff of technologists, it’s easy to produce overly technical content.

What’s hard is taking all that technology and simplifying it for each target audience. In other words, translating complexity into clear yet compelling everyday language that tells a story – and communicates the benefits relevant to each buying influencer.

That’s why you need a technology copywriter with real industry experience.

I’m Les Worley, and I work with midsize to large technology and software services companies. I specialize in writing website copy, product collateral, white papers, articles and blogs, case studies and other strategic marketing content. Content that keeps your prospects engaged throughout the sales process.  

Unlike most copywriters, I have nearly 30 years of experience in commercial software and IT. This gives me a unique understanding of both the seller’s and buyer’s points-of-view. I convey complex technical issues in easy-to-understand language, so your prospects can focus on the benefits – not the jargon. And I do so while being mindful of each decision-maker involved.

Because I’ve been there.


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