Wondering what makes a technology copywriter tick?

Technology copywriter Les Worley

My name is Leslie P. Worley. Just “Les” to people who know me. After a long technical career, I decided to focus on my passion for writing – writing about the very industries I’ve been passionate about for so many years.

When I was a kid, there were no home computers. Computers were just rooms and rooms (or buildings!) full of thousands of transistors and electrical circuits that did gosh-knows-what. Or they ran the bridge of the Enterprise or the Time Tunnel, covered with the odd flashing lights and talked in a mechanical voice.

But I was enthralled. By the time I was a senior, my high school was bestowed with a priceless gift (at least in my eyes): the first Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. And I got a coveted spot in the school’s first and only computer class. 

That pretty much did it for me.  A few years later, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, from Texas A&M School of Engineering.

Combining this with persuasive and technical writing, I expressed a set of abilities that progressed over the years:

  • Designing and building software solutions
  • Leading teams to create those solutions
  • Managing IT that built and consumed those solutions, and
  • Simplifying it all so it could be understood and approved by those bewildered by technical intricacies

These experiences and abilities, along with a skill for clear, concise writing, have led me to where I am today.

I’ve been in the software trenches myself … I’ve led the IT departments that have to purchase, justify and use the software … And I’ve been one of those executives who needed to be convinced to purchase it. These are some of what makes me unique in what I do.


  • Bachelors of Science, Computer Science Texas A&M University, School of Engineering – Distinguished Student Award
  • American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI)
    • Professional Writers’ Alliance
    • AWAI’s Circle of Success
    • Trained in
      • High-Performance B2B Copy
      • White papers
      • Case studies
      • Copywriting
      • And more! 


  • Software Developer – Packaged and custom software control systems
  • Software Architect – Commercial automation software for manufacturing
  • Director IT Operations and Development – Internet and web hosting startup
  • Sr. Director, Software Development – US/global telecom and cloud provider
  • Freelance Copywriter B2B / B2C


Just in case anyone wonders if I am real … Version 2

I am a long-time resident of planet Earth. Beside being a writer and technology geek, I’m a voracious reader, an avid cook, and a closet musician, among other things. I’ve traveled the world pretty widely, and even called Mexico home for a number of years.

Right now, we’ve made our home back in the USA, in a renovated 1920’s home in a funky older neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. It has a fenced yard to contain our kiddo – a blue merle miniature Australian Shepherd, with blue eyes!


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