Hire a technology copywriter with real industry experience.

Technology is part of who I am, whether I’m creating it, using it or writing about it. Unlike most business writers, I have almost 30 years of industry experience in software and IT. And that shows in my copy – and in your results.

You get both technical and business savvy…

I’ve been a developer, a team manager, and a technical architect for industry-leading automation software. That means I understand the challenges you face creating your products and services. 

But I’ve also managed Operations for a global Internet provider, specializing in networking and managed cloud services. That means I understand your prospect’s concerns about reliability, high-availability and support, too.

Finally, as a longtime director of IT development, I have myself been a purchaser of enterprise software and services. I know how purchasing decisions are made, and I know what marketing content works and what doesn’t.

In a nutshell, all that experience means I can understand your technology and your customers – fast. 

A skilled communicator and a technologist

My background requires the I write and speak concisely and objectively, yet persuasively. That’s necessary if you are to convince each stakeholder to approve your recommendations – be it for a technical roadmap or a major purchase.

I can as easily relate to the technical geeks and operations team as I can to the sales and marketing teams. Not to mention the directors and C-levels that have to make the budgetary decisions.

This means I can provide content for all different audiences and stages of your sales cycle.

Comprehensive yet clutter-free content

As a technologist, I can quickly understand complex technical issues. As a communicator, I can convey them in easy-to-understand language. I cut through the clutter so your content is clean and to the point. That means you won’t lose the execs who haven’t time for long-winded “fluff” or a technical deep dive.

My copy combines business and technical savvy with strong social and interpersonal skills. The result? A professional, respectful, yet natural style, that compels your prospects to read your content through to the end. 

And quite simply put, you get passion in every word

Finally, I find passion in most everything I do, whether work or play, professional or hobby, with an insistence on doing whatever it is to the best of my ability.


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